De Pantoffelheld

Saint Pantoffelheld
Trough his countless battles with slippers en loafers he protected us all from a fate worst then death. Cold feet, nibbled toes en ragged rugs. We honour his heroic sacrifice and he supports the unsung heroes, the shoelacers and three legged cats.
Saint Amarillidas
 Sharing her life changing experiences en cultural exchanges trough hiking in the mountains and sharing her visual impeti she is the protector of the spineless, hiking subcultures and domesticated sanseverias
Saint Poutinia
 Feeding the hungry with her famous recipe of trappist infused fusion stew and fries she not only saved millions but also started her own conservative restaurant guide. She guides the little pleasures, the traditionalists and the farmers
Saint Scampi Nigeria
 Despite his noble birth he decides to bring prosperity, novelty and true miricales to the poor andmisirable. His immer radiant benevolent sweet talker  is the parton of  the gullibly wishful, clouds and miner who like carperfishing.
Saint Tramp major
 This enigmatic martyr of a society ill suited for the misfits and overthinkers chose a simpler excistence off the grid and into the wild. He is the savior of public transportation, broken dreams and pintatas with pickels
Saint Kwak the Third
 Living by his moto “voor-komen is beter dan genezen”, he cures the sick of their hope by looking fabulous and distributes tuna tonics, saliva salves and oinky  ointments. It is the protector of birdwatchers, apple-marketeers and mud.
Saint Shackelton
As a beacon to masculinity he persist to honour his instinct. He travels the artic in a conquest for the queen . His battle with the icebears and snowflakes are a constant inspiration for the oppressed, competitions and snowsleds
Saint O. de Rigami
 Following serendipity and pious manifestations, he shares his salvation of “zelfontplooiing” in his books titled: transformation for dummies editions I-X . He inspires the glassblowers, Papermills and non-adventurous poker players  
Saint Snellius
 In his passion to reflect, project and understand light het formed laws to govern responsibility and  accusibility. He gave us a way to cope with that we don’t wish to see. He supports the sort-sighted, the guild of gaslighters and cute puppies.
Saint Bovida Unicum
Spreading purity and refining the riches of the earth and his inhabitants to trinckets and troep. She worships the invisible hand of the market and blesses the designers, consumer friendly events and acidification