I Want it

Hooray you are interested in getting one of the two hunderd copies of “de Drenkeldingen”. On a ridiculous A3 format! And a Hardcover! Crazy.

But what will it cost you?

An Arm and a leg? Your Dignity? Eternal Grattitide? Or Good old Fashioned Kapitalistic Kurrency?

The freedom is yours. I have exchanged books for liters home-presses olive oil, copieus amounts of applepie or a full kilo of sun stained paper from ’56. If you feel more for the classic payment in money. You can ! But with a bit of a Twist… I want to sell the book at the production price.

Why do I do this? It is for same reason I street art. I want things to be as accessible as possible for everyone. Money shouldn’t be a barricade if you enjoy a book, a painting, a performance, …

But since I have a dog to feed, ink to spill, paper to waste and ideas to nourish I fork the price of my book. If you want (and are able) to support me, the book or the street art you are welcome to pay a bit more.

So ….. The book is for sale for anything between 25 (production price) and 50  euros (maximum supporters price).  

The production cost:

Transforming Analog to Digital:           275      euros
Transforming Digital to Lay Out:          200     euros
Transforming Lay Out to Book:           4600    euros
One metric ton of working hours:             0    euros

Since I have 200 Copies that makes About 25 euros each