I Want it

Hooray you are interested in getting one of the two hunderd copies of “de Drenkeldingen”. On a ridiculous A3 format! And a Hardcover! Crazy.

But what will it cost you?

An Arm and a leg? Your Dignity? Eternal Grattitide? Or Good old Fashioned Kapitalistic Kurrency?

Of course it is the latter ! But with a bit of a Twist… I sell the book at the production price. Why do I do this? It is for same reason I street art. I want things to be as accessible as possible for everyone. Money shouldn’t be a barricade if you enjoy a book, a painting, a performance, …

But since I have a dog to feed, ink to spill, paper to waste and ideas to nourish I fork the price of my book. If you want (and are able) to support me, the book or the street art you are welcome to pay a bit more.

So in Conclusion. The book is for sale for anything between 25 and 50  euros (maximum support price).  You find the details of the production price under the buttons.

The production cost:

Transforming Analog to Digital:           275      euros
Transforming Digital to Lay Out:          200     euros
Transforming Lay Out to Book:           4600    euros
One metric ton of working hours:             0    euros

Since I have 200 Copies that makes About 25 euros each